Half Bloods and Full bloods

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Half Bloods and Full bloods

Post  Nightsky on Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:21 pm

I know what some of you are thinking after reading the Story of WW2, 'Why would the ones with powers lose? They could have easily won, no,

Reason 1;
The ones with power were supposed to help the gods/goddesses maintain the earth .Just not secretly, if they used their power for evil they were killed or sent away.

Reason 2;
I think it would be cool if the half bloods had to hide to live, secret meetings, helping the world when the world turns on them. Sure it will be depressing but one shall always get a reward for their good duties.

Reason 3;
idk a reason 3 but i thought we needed it...so...lol

Rules; -on the half bloods and full bloods-
No telling full bloods your a half blood, unless i- nightsky- or admin give you the ok...and if they tell other there will be consquences.

No using your powers for evil,

Your powers will be picked by me, or Admin..

You may only have 1 Full blood unless me or admin give you permition for more..

thats all i can think of, but when you make your half blood bio please put hard work into it and make it special..you know detail


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Re: Half Bloods and Full bloods

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:15 pm

If you are a member you may have one
A beta you may have two
an alpha you may have three

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