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Swiftpaws Bio

Post  XxswiftpawxX12 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:46 am

Real Name:Kaylip
Blood: Half Blood
Eye color: Blue, or Red
Pelt color:(as real wolf) Dark rusty red color, and white. (Other:) Blue and white
Peronslity: Furious, most likely to guard, helpfull, honest, stubborn,
Scars, Markings: Green under eye, scar on paw
Speed:Fast(That's why she has the nickname Swiftpaw)
Swiftpaws Pic:

Real wolf:

Story: Swiftpaw was born in an evil pack, when she was born her mother had died and her father had left the pack. Her siblings, Deathrow and Kiba had left the pack before she was born. Swiftpaw stayed in the pack for about 1 year then left roaming. She stopped roaming when she was 2 when she had came across a pack called the "Bloodhunters" they were another evil pack and she took her place as guard there. There she had relized her sister also was in that pack and decided to stay. Her leader was cruel though. She hated him and would also disrespect him often, he would strike her but, her sister would distract him and take the beating. Swiftpaw had been very sorry for that. Swiftpaw had met a wolf called Snickers that was in another pack. They had became mates later on and had a pup called "War" she loved him and would protect him with her life. The leader was upset with Swiftpaw having pups with another member of a diffrent pack and had began to beat her. He didn't get far her sister once again took the beating. Once the fight was over. At least they thought. They went to go hang out around a swamp. The leaders cousin was a swamp wolf and had nearly killed Swiftpaw But didnt. After this Swiftpaw had been kept in the dungeons, but had gotten out safely and left the pack with War. Swiftpaws pup was later on killed by a wolf called Nora. She was so upset she had killed Nora. Then she left that land with her sister Deathrow and found the land Wolf Wilderness and joined a pack there. As for Swiftpaw's old mate Snickers he had also left the land. This had really happened to Swiftpaw and who know's there might be more to her story then just this.

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