The Story Of WW2,

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The Story Of WW2,

Post  Nightsky on Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:29 pm

Once, half bloods and full bloods could live together in peace, but that all changed when Darien was born, his mother was a full blood also called normal, his father was a half blood ,powers flowed through his body and because of that he abandoned his son and his so called mate.He was afraid to be looked down on because of his non-powerful mate, and his son, the night before he left Darien heard his father talking to his mom she was crying as he yelled '" Why are you crying you stupid half blood? You really thought I would stay with you and Darien? I wouldnt stay with half bloods if i was one. I am going to leave and your going to kill Darien so no one will have proof that I had a half blood son" Darien's mother gasped and ran to gaurd the den.Standing infront of the den thinking Darien was asleep, "I shall do no such thing, cant you leave and just let me have my baby?!" Darien's father growled filled with unknown rage, he killed his mate with in a few seconds he started walking into the den until he heard someone coming he then dashed off and planned on coming back when they were gone . A female wolf walked through the woods seeing the dead wolf lying on the ground, she gasped and ran to her looking around quietly then darien came running out crying as he saw his mother dead. Laya -the wolf that found Darien- cuddled him and helped him stop crying, then Darien started to explain "My dad he killed her because............. " he told Laya the whole story and stayed close by Laya picked darien up and soon headed off to her pack.
Spreading the news about Darien's father , all half bloods became furious over full bloods mothers scared of having them around their pups, fathers scared of them to be around there pack or family, kids scared for all reasons soon full bloods became hated . Darien's father wasnt captured or punished , he knew who had spread the news about him and made him hated along with other full bloods he hunted Laya down cunningly and killed her yet again Darien was hiding , watching he became furious .Telling everyone they hunted Darien's father down and killed him , all full bloods were hated and killed when ever they left their territory soon there were few left and they left the land .Now Half bloods became full bloods and full bloods became half bloods .

-so just to let you know if you got confused, Powerful wolves/ animals were full bloods but as they became so called extinct the normal half bloods became full bloods -

Now half bloods are rare and must stay undercover,their true identity hidden. Full bloods live in peace not knowing there are half bloods among them. The gods were furious but they can only control the earth. So half bloods, help the gods secretly.Like keeping the earth safe and clean but again secretly.................


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